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A Full Service Bookkeeping Practice Specializing in the Needs of Small to Medium Size Businesses

 We, at R.E.J’s, have a very personal and professional approach designed to provide the best service at the most reasonable rates.  We become a part of your team when you join R.E.J’s and make a real easy job of all your accounting and tax needs whether the need is Bookkeeping, Quick Books or Tax Advice.  We offer on-site training for Quick Books or we can come to your place of business.  Your books can also be dropped of at R.E.J’s and our experienced staff will be happy to assist you.  Whether the need is monthly, quarterly or annually, we take time to review your books and we plan, with you, for your future.      

 As a Full Service Firm, our services include:

  1. Bookkeeping and record keeping: This includes inputting receivables, payables, reconciling your bank statement and financial reports.
  2. Form Filing: This includes computerized monthly and quarterly payroll, sales tax and business personal property returns.
  3. Consultations via telephone or on-site to discuss accounting issues, QuickBooks or business decisions
  4. Tax planning and advice on changes in tax laws which affect your business
  5. Enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service should a tax issue arise for your business or we provide correspondence on your behalf.
  6. Business Set-Ups:  we will incorporate your business whether an LLC or Corporation.
  7. We specialize in Non-Profits, Business and Individuals 
Your investment with us is very affordable and you will know what your costs will be as there are no hidden fees.  Most clients are on either a monthly or quarterly retainer basis which meets their budget.  No matter how small your business is, we have a plan that fits you – and your budget. 

We will give you the very best service we can provide, while becoming part of your team and helping you achieve your goals.  To do this, we can either meet at your business, at our location, or even off premise to show you how we can help you grow. 

Client Information Check List
The Following is necessary for monthly Bookkeeping

QuickBook Clients

  • A back-up on a disc or flash drive or Accountant's copy e-mailed to us
  • Bank Statement(s)
  • Payroll Detail
  • Sales Tax
  • Internal Revenue Correspondence

Non QuickBooks Clients

  • Bank Statement(s)
  • Payroll Detail
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Check Register(s)
  • Sales Tax Forms and Sales Information
  • Receipts (cash and credit card paid)

We appreciate payment enclosed with your bookkeeping

Should additional information be necessary (ie tax forms) we will notify you and should you have concerns, please notify us.

Having the above material ready for us makes us serving you that much better.

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