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"The Arc of Dearborn/Dearborn Heights would like to sincerely thank you for the money you saved our organization! If it wasn't for your honesty and integrity we may have gone on for years overpaying another accounting firm for a so-called "audit" which we did not even need! As a result of your knowledge and investigation of the situation, you have saved our organization $2,000 per year!

Once again, thank you for going above and beyond!!!

Lisa M. Nygord
The Arc of Dearborn/ Dearborn Heights

"Before we called Robert Jacob, we had bought but did not implement Quickbooks for the last four years. Robert not only implemented Quickbooks, he got our computers upgraded at an excellent price, got our office re-wired for a faster network and installed a APC unit to protect our investment. Robert computerized our monthly invoicing through memorized transactions by groupings that made a lot of sense to our business. We are now implementing more time savers in Quickbooks we would highly recommend Robert and his firm to any firm looking to improve their operations, and their bottom line."

Lidia Wolf
REA Constuction and Investment Company

"We had just lost our bookkeeper and needed immediate help on getting paychecks out deposits made and information from our computer system which intergrates with a industry specific program and Quickbooks. Robert was able to show us on the fly not only how to get the basic systems done but also how our industry specific program worked with Quickbooks. Robert also assisted us in finding a qualified bookkeeper who knows Quickbooks and has been there to support us with any problems or questions we have. We would highly recommend Robert and his firm to any company needing accounting help.

Leslie Schram
Case Handyman Service a division of Fairway Construction Co.