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Our Office

REJ OfficeThe year 1977 was when the whole dream started for Robert Jacob of owning his very own business.  His very first location was in the basement of his parents home as the R.E.J's was not a full time job. It was more of a part time thing as most of his clients were his friends who paid him in food and broken down appliances, instead of money. That was how R.E.J's remained for a long time. Robert would always be doing business out of his apartment or home until the year 1993 rolled around and R.E.J's moved from Robert and Mary Jacob's house into a small, two room office, located in the basement of a dentist's office in Southgate . R.E.J's thought they had made it to the big time!  R.E.J's was growing more and more and three years later there was no way that the R.E.J's could conduct business in such a small office. Now it was time for the R.E.J's to move into their own building.  Fast forward to the year 1995 when R.E.J's moved into the Dix-Toledo building.  In honor of Robert's late brother, Jack, Robert decided to name the building after him: "The Jack Jacob Building."

This is where the building is still located today (in between Mulbury Lanes Bowling Alley and a Gas Station) at 13740 Dix-Toledo.  Note the awning as we are now using this in our advertising material to make it easier for you to see us when you are driving by.